Should a pair of $60 headphones be taken seriously if the ultimate goal is far better sound quality? If you are stepping up from a pair of headphones you got as a freebie or came bundled with something else and you are on a budget, the answer is a “yes” but with some precautions. The problem with this price point is that some of the products are only a little bit better than the basic ones while others somehow perform way beyond the set price. The common trick is to come up with a minor compromise to cut costs while strengthening one aspect to the point that it becomes the headphones’ main selling point. For the AKG K240, AKG chose to sacrifice a little bit of the build quality and boost just about all other aspects.

AKG K240 Studio

AKG K240

About the AKG K240

The AKG K240 is one of AKG’s most affordable pairs of headphones meant for mastering, mixing and precision listening. It sports a classic design with bronze accents and a few cool features that you won’t even find in some types of expensive headphones. It is priced in the $50 to $70 range giving it that low-bearing fruit vibe where people have a pretty attainable shot in experiencing high quality audio without breaking the bank.


The semi-open nature of the AKG K240 helps on the comfort side of things because the ears tend to sweat less compared to a closed design. It also feels lightweight and fits well over large heads. For listening on extending periods, the comfort is a bit more questionable. Because of the price, the headphones uses a lot of artificial leather which could still cause sweating and can be subjected to wear and tear. On the upside, the earpads are replaceable.


One of the nicer things about the AKG K240 is the detachable audio cable so if you are not happy with the 3-meter cable included in the package, you can purchase something a bit better. The headphones don’t fold though and a carrying pouch/case isn’t included.


The audio quality of the AKG K240 really shows that this pair of headphones aged very well considering how much lower the price is compared to the launch year several years back. It produces a very natural sound that doesn’t pump too much bass but you won’t notice a lack of bass either. Natural sound on the budget end normally means a lack of crispiness so it is best to give these cans a test run before giving the final verdict on the price to performance ratio. But even if you do get a chance to test them at a store, understand that the quality can be even better if you have a headphone amp.


The AKG K240 still deserves a spot in the modern budget headphones space. Sound quality is very good for the price but for the build quality, you get what you pay for. Take good care of the headphones and you should get more than your money’s worth.