Beats as a company is undergoing a huge transition as Apple is expected to integrate their Beats Music service to Apple’s own software and operating systems. The future of Beats’ audio product lineup is still up in the air though and it is expected for Apple fans to wait and see exactly how Beats gear will be like under Apple CEO Tim Cook and company. Still, Beats headphones continue to sell like hotcakes because of its brand, trendy design and bass-inclined optimizations. At this point, buying an existing product like the Beats Studio Wireless headphones basically means that you will owning what may soon be a piece of history and that’s okay especially if you want a decent audio experience without the wires and unwanted noise.

Beats Studio Wireless

Beats Studio Wireless

Design and Comfort

Beats targets a more mainstream audience than other brands that offer products at premium products so the design of products like the Beats Studio Wireless is a far cry from the classy and sleek stuff. It fits right in with the hip and DJ crowds who don’t mind showing to the world that they own a Beats headphones. The various colors available like red, blue and champagne practically give it away. Even colors that are supposed to be subtle like titanium and metallic sky still manage to show off the youthfulness factor. The branding is really that prominent especially if you go for the iconic black design with red accents.

Despite the lack of premium touches, the Beats Studio Wireless is very comfortable to wear for an over-the-ear headphones. It doesn’t add too much pressure to the ears thanks to the extra cushioning. The controls on the earphones is pretty basic with a single button for play, pause and Bluetooth pairing purposes and a pair of volume controls. The Beats Studio Wireless also comes with a pair of 3.5mm cables just so you can use the headphones with devices that do not have Bluetooth connectivity. One of the cables turns the Beats Studio Wireless into a headset. When not in use, you can take off the headphones and check the small LED indicators on the left ear cup to see the remaining battery life. When running out of battery, you can easily charge the headphones like you would with any other USB device.

The wireless aspect of the Beats Studio Wireless makes this pair of cans a more attractive option for frequent travelers that want a booming experience that common Bluetooth headphones can’t handle. So it is unsurprising for Beats to include a nice traveling case and it has a Beats logo too. The improved collapsible design that made its debut on the original Beats Studio is copied to the wireless version.


While the ability to pair the Beats Studio Wireless to virtually any other device via Bluetooth should be the main reason to buy this pair of headphones, the two cables that come with the package essentially makes it a wired headphones too. One of the cables is a fairly standard red 3.5mm jack cable while the other one is what Beats calls the “RemoteTalk” cable. It is designed for iOS devices and has a three-button layout with the top and bottom buttons control the volume. The center button plays a multi-faceted role with both call and media functions. Pressing the middle button once will answer an incoming call while holding it for a couple of seconds declines it. When playing music, the center button serves as a play and pause button that you can tap two or three times to skip forward or back a track.


Beats will always have this reputation of overpowering the bass of dance tracks and fans continue to love this. But the Beats Studio Wireless might impress some folks that were critical of Beats’ previous headphone products. It has a pretty rich soundstage that makes other genres of music outside the dance and hip-hop genres sound great. In fact, there were more instances where the highs are more overpowered while the lows are surprisingly balanced. Since the Beats Studio Wireless has the same DNA as the Beats Studio, you still get that bass pumping experience with dance tracks.

The battery lasts pretty long too. You can listen without wires for 12 hours straight or add an additional 8 hours of battery life if you use the cable. The only downside is that the headphones won’t work if the battery is fully drained even if you have the 3.5mm cable plugged in. Fortunately, you can bring a powerbank or a small solar panel with a microUSB port and enjoy extended hours of usage if you are away from the wall socket.


Determining whether you should pick the Beats Studio Wireless is pretty simple. First, the Beats Studio Wireless provides the same level of audio quality as the Beats Studio so you are essentially paying about $70 extra for the wireless functionality. Secondly, you are not giving up the wired experience thanks to the two bundled cables. If you really see the value of using the Beats Studio Wireless with your smartphone or tablet without a cable and don’t mind the fact that you need to keep the headphones charged, the Beats Studio Wireless is a great pick even with its pricey $350 tag because no other wireless headphones comes close.