It can be a bit difficult to get excited with a pair of headphones that doesn’t represent the company’s best efforts. Then again, not all excited folks will actually walk the walk and buy a $500+ pair of headphones just because of the audio quality and comfortable. Even highly decorated companies like Bang and Olufsen, have new things to show and for the remainder of 2015, B&O hopes to bring something extra special to people looking for a well-rounded pair of headphones that isn’t more than $200. It is time to meet the B&O BeoPlay H2.

B&O BeoPlay H2

B&O BeoPlay H2

About the B&O BeoPlay H2

B&O often brings a very premium philosophy to the design of their products. For the B&O BeoPlay H2 , B&O definitely cared about the design but for this particular model, it is a different approach. It is not as premium or elegant-looking as the other BeoPlay products simply because of the price tag of the H2. At $200, it is chasing after a more hip and younger audience that want a nice balance between fun design and uncompromised quality and comfort.

That can be pretty hard to do but the B&O BeoPlay H2 is a pretty interesting pair of headphones. To keep the cheap cost, the BeoPlay H2 uses plenty of plastic with some cloth coverings to give the pair a little bit of comfort to the wearer. The whole package may feel cheap but one of the key characteristics of its use for plastic is the overall durability. The headphones feel rigid and the flexible plastic feels like it can withstand quite a bit of physical abuse. To top off the looks, the B&O BeoPlay H2 comes in a few fun colors.

Perhaps one of the annoying things with the BeoPlay H2 is its insistence to delight iOS users the most. People looking to spend $200 on a pair of headphones might be Android owners and it is somewhat sad that Android owners can’t fully make use of the volume and B&O logo buttons. Like don’t expect to easily change tracks using the controls on the in-line mic remote. The B&O BeoPlay H2 is all set for the iPhone.


The BeoPlay H2 is surprisingly comfortable for the price and once again the whole plastic idea is part of the reasoning. It is the plastic that actually keeps the weight around 150g so you can actually wear these headphones around your neck without feeling so much discomfort. The earpads are made of lambskin leather and don’t clamp on your ears too tightly. You can actually go several hours listening with the B&O BeoPlay H2 without issues.


Each earcup houses a 40mm driver and bass port. Combined with the unique earcup design, the BeoPlay H2 works best as an outdoors headphones and overall sound quality exceeded expectations. The interesting thing is that nothing about the sound quality significantly stood out. All aspects of the sound regardless of genre sounds good. Treble is very clear and doesn’t get too sharp while the bass tries not to be too overblown.



• Natural audio quality.

• Youthful looks.

• Surprisingly comfortable and durable

• Only $199.


• Feels plasticky.

• Those who want artificial enhancements may buy something else.


When you have a product that feels comfortable, sounds great and appeals to a young and hip crowd, you are bound to attract lots of attention. The B&O BeoPlay H2 certainly fits the bill as one of the most exciting headphones products in recent memory. With proper marketing which shouldn’t be a problem thanks to the looks, BeoPlay H2 really looks like a winner.