B&O has a storied history with their headphones products. Every few years they would launch some new products and this 2015, the Danish company definitely delivered. But these new products aren’t designed to replace any older ones. Take the B&O BeoPlay H6 as an example because that pair of headphones was introduced way back in 2013 yet it still exists in the BeoPlay website alongside the newer models. There is a reason for this – B&O simply likes designing products that can last. Besides, a pair of headphones can never feel outdated if they sound good but B&O really went the extra mile with the BeoPlay H6.

B&O BeoPlay H6

B&O BeoPlay H6

About the B&O BeoPlay H6

The B&O BeoPlay H6 caters to the type of audience that wants large, comfortable, but still portable over-ear headphones. It has a pretty premium $399 price tag that hasn’t changed all that much since it launched but it has no shortage of premium features. One of the most notable features of the B&O BeoPlay H6 is its choice of materials. The H6 doesn’t just use real leather for the headband. It uses cow leather to not only give that more premium and more natural look and feel but to also allow the headphones to age better. That cool leather patina effect can actually form on your untreated pair of BeoPlay H6 headphones and it’s quite cool. Even brand new, it is clear that the B&O BeoPlay H6 is for the fashion aficionados so it is very important that you pick the right style as it comes in black, natural leather and a few other designs. The drawstring bag that comes with the headphones is probably the least appealing thing about the entire package.

Like most other over-ear headphones in this price range, the BeoPlay H6 comes with detached cables so you can use either use the cable with the in-line mic and 3-button iPhone remote or the standard 3.5mm cable if you don’t ever need to make phone calls with the headphones. The B&O BeoPlay H6 also features two 3.5mm jacks so you can conveniently plug in the cable to the other jack if necessary. But this dual jack configuration hides a pretty nifty trick – the ability to daisy chain headphones together. You can essentially take any other pair of headphones and link it to the jack so a friend can enjoy the same music you are listening to.

B&O BeoPlay H6

B&O BeoPlay H6


The big round ear pads really show that B&O put an enormous amount of effort on the comfort side of things. They certainly don’t feel light but the weight distribution is great to the point that prolonged listening is really possible with the BeoPlay H6. They just feel great.


The design practically gives it away on how it is expected to perform. Luxurious design usually matches well with clean and natural audio quality and that is exactly how the B&O BeoPlay H6 delivers. Perhaps the most striking thing about the performance is how subtle the distortion is when you are listening at very high volume. The bass is well-defined but never really overshadows anything else and that should get two thumbs up by purists.



• Purists-approved audio quality.

• The use of cow leather is pretty awesome.

• High comfortable.

• Daisy chaining is a cool trick.


• Still around $400.

• No option for cranking up the bass.


For a product that has been around since 2013, you would expect Bang and Olufsen to lower the price of the B&O BeoPlay H6 a bit. The truth is, the company doesn’t need to because look at the design. It’s gorgeous to the point that you’ll forget when it was made. Then there is the added comfort and very good sound quality. It is a true classic that is still completely safe to recommend.