Want to work out stylishly? Need something to make the exercises a bit more exciting? Music can give you the energy and the excitement needed to complete even the most challenging workout.

Quality headphones for active individuals are different from the products designed for everyday use. Bose Freestyle is an excellent example of headphones designed for the needs of athletes and fitness enthusiasts. The product has several great features that make it an ideal and cost-efficient selection.

Bose Freestyle In-Ear Headphones

Bose Freestyle

Main Features

The colorful designs make Bose Freestyle headphones stand out. Want to match your headphones to your workout clothes? No problem – you have various colorful and funky designs to choose among.

Deep, clear sound is the main reason why anyone would want to invest in high-class headphones. Bose Freestyle is a great option when it comes to audio quality. The tonally-balanced audio feature means that sound is heard equally well on both sides.

The comfortable shark-fin fit comes in three sizes, meaning you’ll find the one that will fit your ear perfectly.

Finally, the headphones are made of tough materials. You can walk, jog, exercise and sweat extensively without damaging your headphones.

Top Advantages

You’re already familiar with the main features of Bose Freestyle. Still don’t know if the headphones are the right ones for you? Take a look at the following summary of the product’s main advantages:

  • Sufficient cable length: training can become extremely annoying if you constantly need to deal with a cable that’s too short or too long. According to most people that have bought Bose Freestyle, the cable length is ideal, preventing any inconveniences.
  • In-line controller: whenever you are on the go, the last thing you’d want to do is readjust your headphones and look for the in-line controller. The placement of the Freestyle buttons is right in the middle, making adjustments a simple task.
  • Hydrophobic cover against moisture: sweat can easily get in your ears and damage the headphones. Bose Freestyle has one incredibly practical feature that keeps moisture outside – the hydrophobic headphone cover.
  • Fashionable and modern design: colorful and youthful in appearance, these headphones will appeal to even the most fashion and accessory-conscious exercisers.
  • Extra sound capacity: if you like your workouts to be extra-loud, you’ll appreciate the sound capacity of these headphones.

A Few Shortcomings

Bose is a company that’s particularly well-known for its activewear gadgets and accessories. Though most of its products, including the Freestyle headphones are great, a few shortcomings will still need to be mentioned:

  • Problems with Android calls: Although the headphones are compatible with both Android and iOS phones, some connectivity issues were experienced in the case of Android smartphones. Some people that used the headphones found it impossible to make a call and have a conversation while working out.
  • Insufficient sound insulation: many other Bose headphones are known for the perfect ability to keep external noises from interfering with the audio quality. The Freestyle headphones are an exception. The sound capacity can be used as a form of compensation but external noise isn’t completely blocked out.
Bose Freestyle In-Ear Headphones

Bose Freestyle In-Ear Headphones


If you’re serious about listening to music while working out, you’ll need to invest in a pair of quality headphones. Bose Freestyle is one such product. You will get top audio quality and a comfortable, active design. The hydrophobic cover is another very practical feature. Freestyle headphones miss the mark when it comes to noise insulation but overall, this is a solid and attractive product that you’ll most probably fall in love with.