Beats Studio Headphones Gets A Makeover

All New Beats Studio by Dr. Dre

All New Beats Studio by Dr. Dre

It has been 5 years since the original Beats Studio headphones was launched, kicking off the stylish high-end headphones market. In 2 weeks’ time, Beats Electronics will be launching the all new sleeker Beats Studio headphones and we can’t wait to get our hands on them!

The new headphones are said to be lighter and sleeker than the original and feature a built-in rechargeable 20-hour battery a red rubber gasket that creates a great seal for sound and to keep sound from going out. The headphones are also said to be curvier, giving everything a sense of style and feel.

Users will also be able to use the headphones without music playing and without a cable to cancel noise while the headphone’s adaptive noise canceling will kick in when music is playing, to prevent outside clatter from interfering with your listening.

Other features include 5 small lights beneath the power button to show how much battery life remains and an option to charge the headphones using a micro USB cable that is plugged into a computer or an included adapter plugged into a power outlet.

We certainly cannot wait for these Beats Studio by Dr. Dre to be released! Stay tuned for the full Beats Studio by Dr. Dre review.

You Want Bass? Check Out Sony’s Extra Bass Headphones

Rock music without bass is like sitting on a chair with 3 legs. If heavy metal and hard rock is your thing Sony has the right cans for you – the Extra Bass headphone series comprising of the new Sony MDR-XB920 and MDR-XB610. These headphones are huge. If you want deep bass you can’t you can’t escape from the physics of sound.

Sony MDR-XB920 Headphones

Sony MDR-XB920 Headphones

The Sony MDR-XB920 is an update of last year’s XB900. They look more stylish and come with a strong dash of colors – silver with black or silver with red for the XB920, while the XB-610 comes in silver with white and silver with orange. The ear pads are made of urethane foam that is quite comfortable and helps to reduce the ambient noise, but because it is such a tight fit, the rubbery material will cause heat to build up and your ears will sweat after about 30 minutes. So these are not for long term listening, especially when you are listening to heavy metal at elevated volumes. The headphones can be conveniently folded and packed away in your bag. Be aware that these will take up quite a bit of space.

Soundwise the differences between these and last year’s models are subtle. The bass is deep and strong but not overly boomy. Sony has struck a nice balance between slam and musicality, offering detailed resolutions to both mid and highs. The overall sound signature is tilted towards the 80Hz bass region giving you a strong kick when you are listening to tracks with lots of mid to low bass content.

The option of detachable, tangle resistant cables in the new models is a nice feature. You can choose between using a cable with or without an in-line remote, and Android users can use the Sony Smart Key App to program the function of the button on the remote.

Sennheiser Momentum Headphones Now Come in Pretty Colors

Headphones are big business nowadays. The battle is in the young and hip Gen Y segment where style, design, and pretty colors make a fashion statement. So big names have their marketing and design divisions cracking their heads on how to penetrate this segment and grab their attention. Speed and timing is key as it is highly competitive and highly contested.

It is no surprise that Sennheiser updated their Momentum line of on-ear headphones with their first ever color range upping the headphone specialists’ style credentials. A lot of thought and research have been done to create these new Momentum headphones and their choice of colors in pastel shades of pink, blue, green and cream to complement the latest fashions. According to Sennheiser’s press release, the materials are chosen to provide maximum comfort for extended listening on the move. The headband and earpads are finished in Alcantara, a specialized material loved by yacht and automotive upholsterers for its unique combination of softness, durability, and breathable comfort. The earpads are designed to isolate ambient noise. We do hope that audio quality has not taken a back seat with the strong emphasis on design. High tech brushed stainless steel sliders complete the luxurious and stylish look. The detachable cable with in-line remote and mic for Apple iDevices is a nice touch.

Sennheiser Momentum Headphones

Sennheiser Momentum Headphones

See how renowned photographer Alexander Gnädinger worked with three established fashion bloggers from different countries to create personal portraits reflecting the colors and the style of the new MOMENTUM Headphones:

We hope to get a review done when it is released in a few weeks. Official pricing is £169.99. The US price has not been confirmed.

Headphones That Will Turn Heads

Frends Layla Headphones

Frends Layla Headphones

In 2003, Skullcandy introduced colorful, stylish headphones to a dull, monochrome market. 10 years later, Keir Dillion and his 6-man team at Frends are taking the headphones market by storm with premium headphones for women that are treated more like designer handbags.

Frends’ bestseller, the Layla headphones, boasts specially engineered audio drivers and are wrapped in soft leather to prevent the dreaded hair-snagging. They are also accented with hand-polished, antiqued metals and packaged in textured, cream-color boxes that resemble clutch purses.

Frends products have hit Apple stores and Best Buy since 2012 and the company believes that once people see fashion and electronics in a new way, it will open up a massive category for growth in consumer electronics.

What To Look For When Shopping For Noise Cancelling Headphones

Shopping for headphones these days is certainly no easy feat. Plenty of models boast noise isolation and noise cancelling but there are some that do it at the expense of audio quality while others do little more than crank up the volume to drown out the noise. Here’s what to look out for when you’re shopping for a pair of noise cancelling headphones.

Step 1 : Decide on the type of headphones you desire before shopping. There are many different types of headphones these days, from earbuds to earpads to full-sized headphones that fit around our entire ear. When looking for noise cancelling headphones, most folks would opt for the full-sized headphones as it helps lend a passive hand to active noise cancellation. For noise isolation, earbuds would be ideal.

Step 2 : Be ready to pay a premium for good noise cancelling headphones. While you don’t have to empty your wallet, most active noise cancelling headphones have their own audio processor and its build quality, internal drivers all add to the cost.

Step 3 : Try on the headphones you wish to buy and toggle their noise cancellation system. Make sure you get a good snug fit in, on or over your ears. If you are with a friend, get them to talk to you at different distances to see if you can hear them or make them out. Try the headphones out, not just for the noise cancellation effect but also for how your music will sound like.

Step 4 : Check the battery life and warranty and look around for reviews. Reviews aren’t just for the headphones but also of the company’s customer service policies. Battery life is important so you will have a few extras on-hand on your next flight or in your desk at work.

Knowing The Difference Between Noise Isolating And Noise Cancelling Headphones

Shopping for headphones or earbuds to minimize external noise? These can be especially useful when you want to focus on your music or block out unwanted sounds. What then is the difference between noise cancelling and noise isolating? We find out more below.

Noise isolating headphones create a physical barrier to block out noise by creating a good seal between your ear and the headphone while earbuds block out noise with a snug fit. These headphones/earphones create the strongest comfortable seal around your ears or ear canal so that the only thing you will hear is your music.

Noise cancelling headphones, on the other hand, use digital signal processing (DSP) technology to actively cancel out the sound waves from ambient noise. These headphones have an internal microphone and audio processor that “listens” to the sound around you and plays an opposite sound to cancel it out. The best of these noise cancelling headphones eliminate noise from your surroundings and better still, offer you some peace and quiet even it there is no music playing.

Most importantly, both these noise isolating and noise cancelling headphones aren’t for wearing when you’re up and about. If you need to hear your surroundings for safety, these are a bad idea!