Gibson and Usain Bolt have worked together on the creation of the world’s first fitness headphones. The wireless set is called Gibson Trainer Sports Headphones and it definitely comes with several distinctive characteristics.

This product sounds cool and it looks pretty impressive. Are these sports headphones, however, worth the purchase? Let us explore some of the product’s key characteristics and base the decision on this analysis.

Gibson Trainer Sports Headphones

Gibson Trainer

Gibson Trainer Sports Headphones Main Characteristics

Gibson is a company known for creating quality musical instruments. The partnership with Usain Bolt has made Gibson enter a new niche and utilize some of the latest technologies in the field. The Gibson Trainer headphones are wireless and they use Bluetooth technology.

The safety of the person working out has also been taken in consideration. The headphones come equipped with LED lights that will be seen from a passing car during the night. Athletes and active individuals that don’t like to wear neon sportswear will be particularly pleased by this design solution.

According to the official Gibson announcement, the headphones are made of Phase Change Materials that are also utilized in NASA engineering. These materials keep the headphones cool in even the hottest weather, ensuring the comfort of the wearer.


The Gibson Trainer Sports Headphones have several curious, innovative and fun features that are worth mentioning:

AeroFlex rail: this is the technology used to lock the headphones in position. This means that you’ll enjoy stabilization and comfort throughout a workout session. Most buyers that have already tested the innovative product report that it’s very comfortable to wear.

High quality sound: Bluetooth headphones aren’t usually recognized for good sound quality but Gibson’s Sports Headphones do deliver. Both music and spoken word sound clear, authentic and crisp.

Two modes: the headphones come with two options – active mode and lifestyle mode. The change is made through the push of a single button. The lifestyle mode doesn’t lock the headphones in position, making them very comfortable to wear over a longer period of time.

Battery life: the battery life is good – approximately 10 hours in active mode. The headphones can go for 190 hours in standby mode before a recharge is needed.

Washable ear cushions: sooner or later, you’ll get too sweaty and you’ll need to clean the earphones. The good news is that the cushions can be washed with soap under running water.

Safe sound feature: this is great for urban runners since it automatically lowers the music volume. This way, the wearer can hear the sound of traffic or other impeding dangers.

A Few Shortcomings

These headphones are a bit more expensive than other wireless varieties but the number of new technologies does justify the additional expenditure. Apart from being on the costlier side, the Gibson Trainer headphones have a few other disadvantages:

Controls being far from intuitive: the controls are located on the right earpiece. There are seven different buttons and some buyers found themselves confused by the arrangement and the use of the buttons.

No charging indicator: this is the shortcoming that many buyers had problems with. The set lacks indication about when it needs to be charged and when it has been fully charged.

Lights only on the rear: the LED lights for safety are only positioned on the back of the set. This means that if you’re moving against traffic, you’ll be difficult to spot during the night.


The idea behind the creation of the Gibson Trainer headphones is great and the product doesn’t disappoint. It has a number of features that make it perfect for active individuals and athletes. Anyone who’s looking specifically for workout headphones will be incredibly happy with the functionality of these.