The headphones market is jam-packed with serious competitors ranging from the familiar brands that audiophiles and casual listeners know and love to a few obscure brands that have fewer products but are more focused on the audio category. Klipsch isn’t a very popular brand but those that are familiar with the brand will know how stylish and loud their speakers are. Giving speakers a unique design is a great approach to demonstrating how much effort is exerted in making the speaker. Carefully crafted speakers give importance to durability as well, and Klipsch is bringing that same characteristic and signature quality sound to their Klipsch Status headphones.

Klipsch Status Over-Ear Headphones

Klipsch Status

Design and Comfort

The Klipsch Status is an attractive pair of over-ear headphones with much emphasis on curves and sleekness. The headphones come in white and black models, with the white model being more suitable for folks that want to add style and flair to their cans. It isn’t obvious at first glance but underneath the white paint is a glittery layer that makes the Klipsch Status headphones appear sparkly under bright light. If you are not a fan of that look, the more professional looking black model tones down the glitters.

The ear cup padding has a smooth leathery touch and uses memory foam, which is always good for comfort and longevity. The material underneath the headband is also made of a soft rubberized skin for added comfort. Klipsch really put a lot of work in making the Status look stylish and not too gaudy. The ear cups are supported by arms that are slightly kicked back and completely rotatable by 360 degrees. You can fold the ear cups in a classic manner for travelling or storing purposes. Despite the high-quality ear cups, they clamp a bit harder than competing headphones, so if you have a wider head you should definitely give them a try before you buy to evaluate how comfortable they really are.

On the whole, the Klipsch Status is bulky but more importantly very durable, thanks mostly to a special material the Status uses called Grilamid TR. It is a popular material that people in to high-end eyewear should be familiar with.

Klipsch also brings the high-end quality to the two cables that the package is bundled with. The first cable is an ordinary 3.5mm jack cable made of soft nylon making it resistant to tangles. The cables come detached out of the box, highlighting the ease of travelling with the headphones. The other detachable cable is also made of the same material and is more suitable for use with Apple’s mobile devices. This cable comes with a built-in plastic mic piece containing three silver buttons that can control the connected iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. These cables connect to the headphone jack located on the left ear cup. Both an airline adapter and 1/4-inch stereo adapter are included in the box. The Klipsch Status headphones also come with a moon-shaped pouch which perfectly fits the folded headphones. The material of the pouch is a bit thin which is great for light travelers, but it doesn’t add too much extra protection.


The Klipsch Status has the “Made for iPod iPhone iPad” label which means that the bundled cable with the controls fully works with Apple iOS devices. The two smaller buttons have plus and minus engravings which are obviously used to control the volume while the larger button has a play icon which doubles as a pause button. Since this is a “Made for iPod iPhone iPad” accessory, you can also press this button twice to skip forward or three times skip backward.


The added clamp force really pays dividends in terms of audio quality. No matter what music you are playing, the Klipsch Status headphones sound fantastic. The low-end is powerful but doesn’t overwhelm the bass too much, which should please any listeners that want a balanced sound. Highly vocal tracks sound very crisp despite the lack of precision in some tracks, and electronic tracks sound really good. Figuring out what the singer is saying is a lot easier when wearing these headphones. The lack of distortion is one of the big selling points of the Klipsch Status, and this pair of headphones fully delivers on its promise. The 40mm dynamic neodymium drivers deserve credit for these performance enhancements.


The Klipsch Status headphones is a 5-star product that can hang out with the big boys. It might not be the most comfortable choice for everyone, particularly people with wider heads, but the sound quality doesn’t disappoint. The black and white models cater to a broad audience and both of them are tough as nails thanks to that Grilamid TR frame. Probably the best thing about the Status is the sub-$200 price tag, so these headphones deserve a solid recommendation if the fit is perfect.