One of the trickiest things about choosing a brand new pair of earphones is the fact that practically all of them will sound better than the pair that comes with your smartphone or trusty old MP3 player. Even a pair of $50 earphones can noticeably sound far better than the cheap ones. It is completely understandable to like them on a first listen especially considering the price. However, the price spectrum extends a lot further. Moving to the $100 category puts you in a place where you can access special-purpose earphones or buds that really enhance high quality audio sources. The Sennheiser CX 5.00 is one of the more recent contenders in the $100-earphones space.

Sennheiser CX 5.00

Sennheiser CX 5.00

About the Sennheiser CX 5.00

The Sennheiser CX 5.00 launched back in 2015 serving as the successor to the aged Sennheiser CX 500. Introduced back in 2008, the Sennheiser CX 500 sure had a long run and people continue to use it because let’s face it, good sound quality can never be obsolete. However, the design was a bit long in the tooth and Sennheiser clearly understood that by giving the Sennheiser CX 5.00 a more modern approach.

The Sennheiser CX 5.00 really looks like it wants to show off with its metal plate supporting the earbuds with the Sennheiser logo. Although removing the rubber tips reveal more uses of metal, other components of the earphones use plastic as this isn’t Sennheiser’s highest-end model.

Because the Sennheiser CX 5.00 is advertised as sound-isolating earphones, several sizes of rubber tips are included just so you can get that perfect seal. A convenient carrying case is included as well.

Sennheiser CX 5.00

Sennheiser CX 5.00


The Sennheiser CX 5.00 may have taken a couple of steps towards a brushed-metal design but wearing them never felt so heavy. The ear canals don’t have much pressure either. The trick really is to find the best pair of ear tips and ensure they perfectly fit. Sennheiser’s angular take on the design actually contributes to the comfort. On a slight downside, Sennheiser didn’t address the issue people have with the cable. It is non-detachable harming the earphones’ portability.


Accuracy isn’t the primary goal of the Sennheiser CX 5.00 so audiophiles will likely not appreciate how stuff sound. But most tracks still manage to sound very warm with good natural bass. Treble leaves a little bit more to be desired but it still sounds much better than just about all other earphones below the Sennheiser CX 5.00’s class. Sound isolation is pretty decent and you don’t have to constantly adjust your earbuds to get better isolation providing you picked the right one. In fact, trying to push them closer the ears doesn’t help with the audio quality. Like most other pairs of earphones, the Sennheiser CX 5.00 has remote controls that control iOS playback.


The Sennheiser CX 5.00 could have hit a home run if it had a detachable cable but instead, it is a visual refresh of the previous model with slightly better comfort and good audio quality for the price. Just make sure you really need those sound-isolating characteristics.