Sennheiser is synonymous to premium design and unprecedented audio quality but nowadays, that isn’t enough to win the majority of audiophiles and casual listeners. It is part finding that sweet spot on the pricing end and it is minimizing and eliminating serious drawbacks, which is always a challenge if you want to cater to various crowds. The Sennheiser Momentum looks up for the challenge even with a huge swarm of headphones flooding the $100 to $200 market.

Sennheiser Momentum Over-Ear Headphones

Sennheiser Momentum

Design and Comfort

It is rare to find a pair of headphones that look premium and actually feel good but the Momentum headphones happens to be one of those rare gems. The premium style aspect can be noticed with the headband. It is made of synthetic leather and has a nice stitching to give it a more authentic look while the foam padding adds comfort. The headband transitions to a flexible metal that supports the ear cups. Both ear cups can slide up or down the metal for easy adjusting. The ear cups themselves have a nice synthetic leather padding too with the inner section using a porous fabric. This not only makes the Sennheiser Momentum comfortable for prolonged periods but it also keeps your ears relatively cool. They are a bit on the small side so if you have big ears, you might want to give these a test run first.

These characteristics might seem easy to replicate but it isn’t as the overall package is just as important. Sennheiser took so much care into designing the Momentum headphones to the point that it made sure the weight was just right. The end result is an over-ear headphones that feels quite light with good weight distribution. The only slight downside is that it are not exactly the most portable pair of headphones in the market and the chunky travel case doesn’t help that much. But the case does look nice and matches the headphones well. These cans also comes in three styles – Brown, Black and Ivory and they all look like they belong in a professional studio environment.

Sennheiser also made sure the cables that come with the Sennheiser Momentum matched the high-end appeal. Their approach was to use a material commonly used in bulletproof vests making the rubber cable virtually indestructible. Both cables have a 3.5mm jack on the end that conveniently bends 90 degrees and the package comes with a 6.3mm adaptor for hi-fi use. Like other premium pairs of headphones, one cable is purely for listening while the other has a small mic with buttons that meets Apple’s MFi standards.


The Sennheiser Momentum headphones set is purely a performer and doesn’t offer any extra features like noise cancellation. The fact that it is MFI or Made for iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch is worth mentioning though as the three buttons on the mic module of one of the cables can do more than just three functions. The plus and minus controls adjust the volume as they should and they even work fine on connected Android devices. But the larger button between these volume controls can not only play or pause an active track but it can also be used to skip backwards or forwards. You just have to remember that a double press on the center button skips forward while a triple press skips backward.


Dynamic and balanced are the two big words that describe the Sennheiser Momentum audio experience. If you are looking for those pairs of cans with killer booming bass, look away because this pair focuses on a fully balanced spectrum that makes all kinds of music sound just right. There is certainly not a lack of bass but rather just the right dosage with plenty of detail on the low-end while having just as much detail on the mid and high-end. Those accustomed to high treble or deep bass might not appreciate the Momentum headphones right away but if you listen to a variety of tracks (preferably lossless audio), it could be hard to go back. Everything about the sound is just clear and you will never experience parts of a sound that are overdone.


The thing that is interesting with the Sennheiser Momentum is that it was released back in January 2013 and it can still hang with the big boys. Plus, it first launched at over $300 and currently it is more affordably priced challenging the $100 to $250 price range. It is a fantastic pair of over-ear headphones to own because of the premium look, highly durable and flexible cable and comfortable feel. The natural sound will feel like a huge upgrade over a cheap pair of headphones once you have tested it with tracks spanning different genres. All Sennheiser needs to figure out is how to make the headphones less bulky and more travel-friendly. But Sennheiser’s design choices are justifiable because everything just feels balanced from the weight distribution to the sound quality.