Many of Sennheiser’s best products are a wee bit overpriced but proud owners of these products might just say otherwise. Sennheiser prices their premium products for good reason and it is often because the sound quality is just too good to pass up. Then there are the supporting facts like the sturdy build quality, edgy design and luxurious comfort. But for Sennheiser’s new RS lineup, the proposition is a little bit different. Sennheiser’s attention to sound quality and design is still there but there is an interesting wireless twist. The Sennheiser RS195 is the top-of-the-line model and it focused on a subset of the crowd who needs more than just wireless convenience.

Sennheiser RS195

Sennheiser RS195

About the Sennheiser RS195

The Sennheiser RS195 is actually a package consisting of two major components. The first component is the transmitter which takes the control tower role in sending music from the connected source to the headphones component using a special wireless protocol unique to Sennheiser. The package also comes bundled with an optical cable and standard analog cable so you should generally have no problem plugging the transmitter in to your TV or mobile device.

All of the new Sennheiser RS headphones products come with a transmitter but the one bundled with the RS195 is a little bit more advanced. It features some special listening modes that are designed to improve your hearing. You can cycle through different hearing profiles to boost specific frequency ranges or you can augment the sound to make dialogue clearer. The bulky, closed back design shows how focused the Sennheiser RS195 is to people suffering from hearing loss.

The cool thing about this package is how both of these components connect to each other. The wireless connection is always constant but the transmitter can directly charge the headphones too and you don’t have to take out the batteries. Just have the headband rest on the tower like a pedestal and make sure the contacts are aligned and the charging indicator will show on the transmitter. On top of that, you can buy an extra standalone HDR 195 headphones so two people can wear the headphones and have the single transmitter transmit audio to both headphones simultaneously.


Even if you don’t need the extra hearing benefits the RS195 provides, the high-end wireless headphones does have something that the low-end RS models lacks – comfortable ear cushions. These headphones simply feel great and they don’t warm up your ears even if you are wearing them for long periods.

Sennheiser RS195

Sennheiser RS195


The Sennheiser RS195 isn’t as music-focused as the less expensive but still high-end RS185 model. The main purpose of the RS195 is to add great clarity to the movies and TV shows you are watching. It is actually hard to describe how the Sennheiser RS195 performs at different things because you are constantly in control of how the audio sounds. If you don’t like how a particular track plays out, you can experiment with the different listening modes. The controls are found on the headphones so it becomes quite fun trying out different settings. But even without any custom settings, the bass levels are hard to ignore. As a whole, bass-heavy tracks sound really boomy and you can adjust the intensity if you wish.

The sound never stuttered throughout the tests probably because the 100-meter range is so impressive. This means that around a standard house, not even thick walls ruin the experience. It flat out beats any Bluetooth headphones existing today.


• Hearing modes are fun and unique.

• Highly comfortable.

• Great audio quality that can be tuned to your liking.

• Wireless freedom and great range.


• Bulky design.

• A bit on the pricey side.


The extra benefit for hearing loss is going to cost you. At $499, the Sennheiser RS195 isn’t for everyone. Fortunately, there are cheaper variants available if you really don’t think the additional listening modes are necessary. They are certainly great to have though and might make you appreciate certain movies far better than a standard sound system.