Sound-isolating earbuds aren’t that common – most of these earphones lack the advanced features that other varieties are equipped with. This is why products like Shure SE420 Sound-Isolating Earphones will stand out immediately.

It all sounds pretty good from the product description but is that really so? Here’s a comprehensive review that will help you understand the product better and figure out if these earphones are the right ones for you.

Shure SE420 Sound-Isolating Earphones

Shure SE420

Main Characteristics

Shure SE420 are described as dual TruAcoustic micro speakers. According to the manufacturer’s website, this feature is essential for guaranteeing the quality of the sound. Numerous buyers confirm that the sound quality is precisely what the company promises. The tones are characterized as true and rich – a great achievement for earbuds.

In addition, the earphones are capable of isolating almost all of the environmental noise that will stand in the way of an impressive audio experience.

One final characteristic worth mentioning is the design of the earphones. They’re made of quality materials and they look expensive. The cable is thick, which reduces the risk of experiencing any breakage as a result of everyday use. The materials make the earphones very soft and comfortable to wear. If you like listening to music throughout the day, you’ll definitely find this comfort important.

Shure SE420 Main Advantages

Shure is a company that has over 80 years of experience in the field of audio technology manufacturing. This experience is evident in the quality and the characteristics of the SE420 earphones. The most important advantages of this product include:

  • A premium fit kit: each purchase comes with a premium fit kit. There are different buds to choose among, which ensures snugness. Making sure that the fit is right will be of uttermost importance because this is what delivers the sound isolating quality of the earphones.
  • Available accessories: on top of the premium fit kit, you’ll also get a 6.3mm adaptor, an airline adaptor and a carrying case for your earphones.
  • Cable length is adjustable: the cable can be disconnected at approximately one third of its length. This characteristic is great for some gadgets like an iPod Shuffle.

A Few Shortcomings

Excellent audio quality and isolation – what more could you ask for in earphones? Shure SE420 certainly delivers but the product has a couple of shortcomings worth mentioning. The first and the most obvious one is the price. On Amazon, these earphones sell at prices ranging from 200 to 340 dollars. This is much higher than what your typical earbuds will cost. If you’re a sound purist, however, you’ll definitely find the investment justifiable.

Some of the other shortcomings of SE420 include:

  • Shure has better options: the company’s top earphones SE530 are slightly more expensive than SE420. If you’re looking for the ultimate quality from your audio equipment, you may consider investing a bit more in the best possible earphone variety.
  • Specific manner of putting the earphones on: there’s a correct way of using the earphones – the cable must be wrapped around the ear when the SE420 is put on. Some buyers weren’t particularly comfortable with that method and others found the cable to be too stiff for the purpose.


Anyone that’s ready to spend more money on quality earphones or headphones will appreciate the crystal clear sound that Shure products deliver. Shure SE420 is a product for serious music lovers. Delivering a crisp sound and being particularly comfortable to wear, these earphones will take your audio experience to the next level.