Skullcandy is an audio brand that a lot of people know and love. While the company didn’t exist back in the 90s, it is pretty interesting that the Utah-based company is already more than a decade old and it continues what it does best – manufacture highly attractive headphones for the upbeat audience. But what can be a bit confusing is all the different models the company rolls out for consumers. Even if you know that you want a pair of over ear headphones, you still have 5 different models to choose from each with different purposes. Fortunately, the role of the Skullcandy Mix Master is pretty obvious. It is a pair of headphones tailored for DJs and it is even named after one.

Skullcandy Mix Master

Skullcandy Mix Master

Design and Comfort

In true Skullcandy fashion, the Skullcandy Mix Master comes in 4 different styles – Black, Matte Black, Red and Blue. Priced at $299, you can also expect the package to have a number of extras and the Skullcandy Mix Master manages to deliver the goods. The box includes a semi-hard carrying case along with a cleaning cloth and 1/4-inch adapter. Also included is a pair of cables with one meant for studio use and the other suitable for mobile devices and portable media players.

The headphones itself really looks like it is meant for DJs and those Skullcandy logos really add to the aesthetics if you really want to show off to the listeners that you are a fan of the company. After all, this is a celebrity-endorsed pair of headphones. It is also cleverly designed to suit practically all DJs as there are two ports allowing you to connect the studio cable to either the left or right earcup depending on your preference.

While the Mix Master does look pleasing to the eye, the choice of materials leave a bit to be desired for a $299 price tag. Many of the design elements make use of glossy plastics, which unfortunately catch fingerprints so you should bring that included cloth wherever you go. Otherwise, the pair of headphones may succumb to wear-and-tear. On a positive note, the Skullcandy Mix Master do feel a bit lighter and sleeker than other DJ headphones and that could contribute to the comfort. To make this pair of headphones fully comfortable, the Mix Master went with a nice padded headband and very soft earcup pads. When using for a long period of time, there might be an instance where the plastic grille presses against the ear just because those earcups are that soft. It would have been a bit better if these pads were a bit thicker. Overall, the design of the Skullcandy Mix Master isn’t bad but Skullcandy could do better on succeeding models.

Skullcandy Mix Master Folded

Skullcandy Mix Master Folded


The Mix Master makes up for the flimsy build by offering a unique feature for DJs. By using the Cue Control feature, you can mix the stereo channels into a mono channel for scenarios when you can only use a single earcup for monitoring. This lets you listen to both audio channels while you prepare for your next track. The special cable for mobile use also comes with an integrated microphone as well as some minimal remote controls, which work when connected to an iPhone.


Performance on the Skullcandy Mix Master is a bit of a mixed bag but if you are really going to use it for DJ purposes, you’ll make the most out of it. It sounds very aggressive with solid bass but not getting on the boomy side. Those that enjoy highly energetic dance tracks will really love how loud these headphones get. It is really more focused on the lows as the highs tend to roll off while the mids just get lost. But those accustomed to listening to cheaper pairs of headphones may find the overall detail and clarity to be above-average.


When taking everything into the account, the Skullcandy Mix Master isn’t actually a bad pair of headphones at least for its intended audience. The main issue really is the price because there are other pairs of headphones that are priced $299 and have superior quality, better overall audio quality or a combination of both. But because of the name of the headphones and the fact that it is endorsed by a DJ, it is practically impossible to buy these headphones for the wrong reason. You want this pair of headphones because you want to DJ and create mixes so having powerful audio quality for dance, pop and other forms of upbeat music is a must. Energizing and aggressive pretty much sums up the Skullcandy Mix Master and if you can find them for under $299, you can consider the Mix Master a great deal because the features and stuff included in the package don’t disappoint.